Sunday, December 5, 2010

Posts Notice

I'm just writing this to inform my readers that posts from this point onwards will be incredibly irregular. Thank you.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

White Crowns Hearts Flowers and Ribbons

It may not the best quality photo but it shows most of my nails fairly well. It's self done. For both hands I used Rimmel 60 second blackout as the base colour, stickers are from somewhere in Singapore and I used a clear top coat from Manicare.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Raw Chick(en) Drawing Tutorial

Here's how I drew my chicks ;) Enjoy.
First gather your drawing equipment. I'm using plain paper, my rubber is the foam eraser type simply because I dislike rubber-ings all over my page. I'm using a shaker mechanical pencil and it's a 0.5 2B lead type. I also have my old eyeliner and a bottle of black ink.
Draw a circle. It doesn't have to be perfect so you can sketch it. Try to draw it freehand and don't press down on the page because you don't want to create any irremovable marks at this stage.
Still drawing in a sketchy manner, make sure you do not press too hard. All marks should be able to be completely removed with your eraser.
I've added in the eye and fixed the shape of the body as I see fit.
Adding the wings. It consists of the upper line which is always the longest, followed by four smaller more curved lines. All up these five lines creates the wing for my chicks.
The beak is pretty straight forward. It's simple two straight lines.
I've positioned the legs in front of the chick because it's sleeping and it can't exactly sleep while standing upright. The legs are pretty straight forward too. The leg itself is a straight line and the feet consists of three smaller lines. Also, I've removed the eye because I positioned it slightly off target. It looked as if it was set too far back.
I've redrawn the eye so that it's slightly closer to the beak now.
I'm adding ink to my ex liquid eyeliner. A brush would work just as well but eyeliners tend to be easier to hold.
I'm just using it like a fine liner following my previously drawn lines. Line everything but the body.
Line the body by using smaller lines that are slightly off target so that the chick has a fuzzy body.
Erase the pencil marks completely.
Go over the lines again to thicken them and smoothen out any minor errors you may have made during the initial lining process.
Done. The drawings are ready for scanning.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sleeping Chicky

So I got a little bored and I drew and coloured this in. I forgot to add in the shadows (that and I'm too lazy) but I checked my first chicky drawing and it didn't have shadows either. I think for the chicky drawings I'll just do them without the shadowing. If you disagree then leave me a comment and I'll consider it. Cheers.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Park

Floating Jetty looking towards Freo sort of.
The grass is greenest here.
Doggy in the park enjoying the breeze.